Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crash and Burn....

It's been reported that CM Punk is burned out. Apparently, 5 years on the constant move with WWE has taken its toll. Perhaps Edge, Christian, the Hardy's, RVD, Kurt Angle, and a host of others who began during the WWF's weary road schedule infancy can shed some light on what that's like. I've been saying it for years now....a lighter schedule is the thing that will save a wrestler's career, not banning moves. Enough practice to keep the ring rust away and a workout regiment to keep the superstars in pristine condition could mean the difference between a wrestler tearing down the house with an amazing match and burning out before making it to the house to begin with.

While I'm on the topic of travel...I may as well point out another thing that could potentially cause problems, and this on the end of the consumer AND wrestler. The sheer number of PPV's produced by any one entity must be toned down a bit in order for the personalities to fine tune their storylines and put together more compelling drama. In so doing, you also create an environment where more important PPV quality build up matches to be shown on free television in order to bolster the ratings AND give the fans who've turned up for the events something to remember.

TNA has done a tremendous job of keeping a moderate travel schedule by comparison to it's larger competitor and that may keep them more fresh with higher quality matches by their talents. By cutting down TNA's PPV load, they stand a chance at making more money per PPV and potentially making up any losses by putting more emphasis on building towards the PPV's that remain. By cutting from 12 PPV's to perhaps 9 or even 6, Spike can put on a 3 hour special each quarter with whatever they choose from a Clash of Champions-style event to a spotlight type slot showcasing some of the best matches and feuds over the course of TNA's history. Truly the sky is the limit.

Vince won't listen to the little guy he's putting shows together for and he'll never look to save his consumer money in the current economic conditions. TNA, however can not only save their consumers money, but they can also provide ample opportunity for their followers to potentially spend more on merchandise and other things on the flipside as well as more units from the PPV providers every other month. Think about it.....

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