Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Picture.....

So....RAW has it's mystery GM, who has been faceless for over a year. TNA has The Network, who promises to be revealed in short order. While the sources I've read seem to believe it isn't Dixie Carter, some others believe it to be Mick Foley, who has been absent since shortly after EV2.0 was dispatched. It might come as a good surprise to people like me, who saw all the garbage Bisch and Hogan did to him in the storylines earlier, but this is compelling television by my reckoning.

Also, I'm really digging the Bully Ray character; it's EXTREMELY heel. It kinda reminds me of what HHH was back in 2002-05. The cold and calculating piece of garbage who seeks only his own. That's the kind of character who can create some ratings when fans get to see him get his rear end fed to him.

Daniels, I have no idea if you will ever read this, but WELCOME BACK! You have been sorely missed and there has been a hold in the roster that only you would have been able to fill. The return was put together brilliantly and has been playing out pretty well. I only hope they will give you the big strap sometime this year. No, I wouldn't dream of spoiling the surprise.

I would like to make a prediction....Joe, Pope, Morgan, and Daniels will be in the top tier main event type feuds before year's end....unless someone is holding them back.

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