Thursday, May 26, 2011

Across the Boards.....

So today I was thinking about all the things TNA has coming....the name change is coming to completion as the Twitter page name has gone to and the youtube account has followed suit. Who knows how long TNA has left before a potential Impact Wrestling Federation has taken over? This is an exciting time to be a fan as TNA is about  to truly takeoff.

Moving on with life, I thought I would cry laughing when I found out that Kong, who WWE is now calling Kharma is pregnant. How ironic is that? Kong did some amazing work in TNA and it was unfortunate that a select few in the management handled the situation so poorly. I would chalk it up to a rookie mistake on the part of new management. Either way, this was too funny to ignore. "Congratulations" to Kong, "I'm sorry" to the ones she's now working for.

I've heard questions about Jeff Hardy and answers as well. A lot of love for the Enigma and there are high hopes he may be back as soon as the upcoming PPV, but only he can say for sure whether he's 100% or not. I know my thoughts and prayers are that he'll be able to rejoin the cast of talents here to build this new entity up.

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