Monday, May 16, 2011

Aftermath and Replays.....

So Sacrifice is over and even though the victors of this PPV were the fans who were able to see a quality card played out, I was impressed at TNA's wonderful use of history between roster members. Chyna and Jeff Jarrett's history is storied with the Intercontinental Championship in WWF and ending with a Pedigree (HHH would be a little bit upset); Chris Harris and James Storm's history as a member of America's Most Wanted with the Death Sentence finisher; and Crimson's use of a sit-down powerbomb in a revenge match that was a long time coming...I was impressed.

As for replays....if you want the chance to catch Sacrifice and any other PPV the day after they happen, check this site out.

It's not only PPV's either, it's live presentation of IMPACT WRESTLING and that other company too. I hear Dora the Explorer is the RAW General Manager....but no one can confirm or deny that rumor.

Now that we already know the main event of Slammaversary, it might be a good time to talk about a historical fact.....TNA has a history of debuting new acquisitions at Slammaversary, Bound for Glory, Genesis, and Final Resolution. Might there be a new acquisition? Maybe the return of a fallen hero? I'm cautiously optimistic about what this next card will shape up looking like, you can bet someone won't be happy with what they leave with.

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