Thursday, May 5, 2011

And Now to the Drawing Board......

So now we have Chyna for the first time and Chris Harris back in the fold, the natural question is "now what?" Once the Chyna/Angle vs. Jarretts story has run it's course, where does that leave the former Women's champ? The simple answer is that it depends on rust. Just like anyone else who has been away from the squared circle for any extended period of time, ring rust inevitably has set in. Her wild and crazy life has put her into a place where she's not in the shape she left WWE in. Time, substance, and fame have, at least partially, robbed her of some of the stuff legends are made of. Nevertheless, she is of great value to the TNA Knockouts Division as she brings presence that could prove to be the difference maker as WWE usually squanders their former TNA talent and Awesome Kong is one of the best they could have asked for to breathe some life into their dismal Diva's Division.

Chris Harris brings a long history with TNA to the table and a rivalry with his former partner for seeing him to the door in the first place. "The Wildcat", who went by Braden Walker with WWE, was released a couple of years ago after doing very little in his stint with the now defunct ECW brand. TNA was VERY wise indeed for snapping him back up as he still has a number of years left and a new territory left to explore. There couldn't have been a better choice to match Matt Hardy with as both are sound grapplers as well as brawlers. The historical connection is an X factor to watch for as time mentors the prodigal. I pray TNA creative gives him some screen time and leeway to gain the favor of the newer audience.

IMPACT WRESTLING.....truth be told, I kinda like the sound of it. While the sound is appealing, I very much hope they don't plan on scrapping the TNA name. Rebranding could be what this little company that could needs, but this is neither the time nor the place. The TNA name is a recognizable one and it's served them well over the course of their short history. If it were me, I would say get a few more years under the belt and work this rebranding in over the course of those years. WWE's "Get the 'F' Out" campaign worked so well because the audience could get behind the change. The title of the campaign was very much Attitude Era terminology and most of the fanbase had seen the era in its entirety.

With this change, I am curious and hopeful that return to the 6 sided ring, even if it's just as a special gimmick or a target piece to a storyline would do well to communicate the fact that they are truly loyal to the fans and a great deal of the fanbase of TNA miss that staple being around. The nostalgia factor is a factor not to be underestimated. Even the mention that there might be a return to this ring would be enough to bring a few fans back just to see what's up. Once that's done, just keep them coming back. Mr. Bischoff, Hogan, Dixie, I know you can do that. I've seen you guys do some magical stuff and this would be a story worth telling.

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