Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Consider Yourself Spoiled......

In a week FILLED to the brim with twists, TNA has made some HUGE changes. In the coming days, we'll look at some of those changes closer, but for now, I will touch on them briefly. Trust me...there are a couple of changes you didn't see coming. One more thing, if you're not the kind of person who reads spoilers....consult with this blog in a couple of days and catch up on what you missed.

1. In a bizarre twist of events, Joanie "CHYNA" Laurer is being revealed as Kurt Angle's mistress. It had been reported that Isis the Amazon had been offered the part, but at the last minute, it was switched and Laurer was signed.

2. TNA has finally decided to put some backing behind Mr. Anderson as he will become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title in a televised 25 man battle royal. Sting and RVD will still take place, but Anderson will be next in line after Sacrifice.

3. Beer Money was still waiting for opponents for Sacrifice when Matt Hardy debuted another shocker; not in his challenging for the title, but in his choice of partner. Former AMW teammate "Wildcat" Chris Harris returned to TNA and will be teaming with Hardy for the Tag Team Titles. If all this excitement wasn't enough.......

4. TNA iMPACT, as announced by the head of the "Network", who was revealed as Mick Foley, will simply called IMPACT WRESTLING. There is no word yet as to whether or not the letters "TNA" will be dropped totally or if it's simply in reference to the title of the show. TNA had trademarked the name in weeks past and it was speculated there would be some changes like this made, but bringing Foley back to television would be a welcome way to make the announcement.

I'm telling you, one day away from the world of wrestling has warned me to be wary of breaks as I might miss something important. For all the rest of you out there reading this, thanks for may now consider yourself spoiled.

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