Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's How it's Done.....

Today I'm speaking strictly business. If TNA wants to get ahead of WWE, now is the time. Cancel Thursday's show and go live. You can always return to the current feuds, already in progress next week. Do a tribute show complete with interviews and featuring some dream matches. Drop the characters for a week and do Beer Money vs. Generation ME or the Machine Guns once more or even AMW vs. The Hardys for a night. Throw out the rulebook and put the Dudleys back together vs. the Hardys and toss in Beer Money and the Machine Guns.

Sting vs. Nash would be a throwback, with Hogan coming out and turning on Nash with a leg drop and saluting Randy would be monumental; a testament to one of the most historical events in current wrestling history. How about that? I'm booking the card as I'm speaking. All I'm saying is that there is something missing with Randy's tribute. He became a man without a country, so to speak, in the latter years and it seems like it's only right for someone speak on his behalf; to claim a man who has done so much for all of us who are a part of the business.

When Eddie passed (God bless you, man), WWE featured HBK vs. Rey Mysterio for the one and only time. There were interviews and some great matches that included the 10 bell salute to kick it all off. It's still a tough show to watch even though some time has passed.

A true tribute would seal what this organization is trying to say to people, because "Wrestling Matters" here. I don't think I'm being too emotional about this because Savage is a legend and his legacy DESERVES to be honored. 

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