Friday, May 27, 2011

Hogan's Heroes and the Land of Opportunity....

I keep hearing a lot of hate on Hogan, Bischoff, Russo, and with all this negative feedback, I feel almost compelled to speak up. Did Hogan's regime put TNA back a ways at the beginning? Absolutely. Have things turned around? In my own humble opinion, absolutely; in fact, they have taken this thing to a higher high. In earlier columns, I have talked about the house show numbers and part of that HAS to come from fresh faces and more recognizable ones as well. Had Hogan not come aboard, RVD wouldn't have and others who were on his tour just before he made the jump himself.

 Bringing Bischoff in was GENIUS. I don't like to quote from WWE source material, but if you go through and watch the Rise and Fall of WCW, you'll find that there isn't a person who is close to this business who doesn't have at least a working respect for Bischoff. His wrestling knowledge and understanding of how the business element of things works gained him notoriety.

I am of the belief that this regime understands how bringing up the undercard to fill the top ranks must occur in order to make the roster a better money maker. WWE let go a LOT of older wrestlers; wrestlers who could have been utilized to make the younger stars famous. Guys like Zack Ryder, who has a ton of talent, but has had to go it alone, for the most part, to get his character over might have made it into the top tiers earlier had he been in a program with a seasoned veteran. A lot of guys could have used that kind of rub to pull them up. With so few veterans left, the WWE staff is scratching their heads as to how to make the guys famous. How can a guy become famous if he hasn't faced an opponent worth bragging about? How many guys can say 'I beat HHH' or 'I challenged Kurt Angle for the title' or 'I took the Undertaker to the limit last month'? The number is getting fewer and fewer.

And THIS is TNA's strength....veterans in respectable numbers and young pups in training challenging for the right to carry a mantle. I understand I got a bit off topic, but you guys need to understand that Hogan and his team of writers and bookers and such are getting these things right more and more with each passing month.

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