Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Much is Enough?

TNA has introduced another belt....the Xplosion Championship Belt. It's holder is entitled to a match against any champion on the TNA roster. While it's less bulky and has a nice premise, I feel almost compelled to ask...how many belts do we need? We have a World Title, a TV Title, Tag Titles, Knockout Tag Titles, Knockouts Title, an X Title, and now an Xplosion Title?

My problems with this belt begin with 2 questions....
1. How often will this belt be defended?
2. Doesn't the existence of this belt make it a second rate belt at best?

TNA needs to streamline the championships into 4 belts at most. A Women's belt, a World Title, Tag Titles, and a specialty belt. THAT'S IT! NO MORE! The flooding of belts into the organization makes for titles that have less value. More is actually less in this case. There is not enough time in either a 2 hour program OR a 3 hour PPV to feature 6 belt defenses in addition to whatever feuds are not over a belt. PERIOD. I say cast off the Knockouts Tag Titles and make this Xplosion Title a 2 times-per-year title. The holder has 6 months to vacate the title by making a challenge. Money in the Bank? Kinda, but I like the belt more than a briefcase anyway.

On a more upbeat note, albeit a bit of a spoiler....Abyss holding the X Title does lend itself well to the old X Division motto..."It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits." I do wish this development a bit of luck and a great deal of street credibility to the title. The X Title is worth it considering the caliber champions who have held it. Ron "The Truth" Killings, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Jerry Lynn, among others have held this title, giving it a long lineage of great performers worthy of capturing this gold.

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