Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Impact Begins.....

Once the words "Impact Wrestling" were said, I was immediately curious as to what that might mean to the roster, to the writers, and to the fans. When I saw this photo, I was taken aback. I like the new logo and I'm almost willing to let TNA go. Writers, bosses, this looks good, even high class, but it's missing 2 sides. I miss the 6 sided ring and I would be willing to let it go forever provided TNA management would use it in a story to illustrate a point. The only reason I was ever upset is that they never told us it would be going away, instead it was around for an episode and was replaced for Genesis.

So it's time to move on....fine.

I've got a top three list of Impact themes that would be amazing to go with this revamping of the current product.

Red- Wasting Time
Decyfer Down- Fight Like This
Disciple- Game On

I've said quite a bit about a great number of topics thusfar in these columns. Now I'm curious what you think, hit me with what you think of the changes. Like em? Hate em? Indifferent?

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