Monday, May 9, 2011

Pure Uncertainties.....

In a live event recently, Ken Anderson took his mic and began his introduction with "MISTEERRRRRR..." and when a fan responded "KENNEDY", Anderson stopped him and replied via microphone. "Kennedy died a long time ago in a train wreck, one that you can now watch every Monday night on USA." Mr. Anderson, you are the boss, man.

So Christian's held the title for 2 days and lost every time since, losing the title as well. Here's my take on WWE politics: Their glass ceiling is so thick and reaches so far, if Edge hadn't retired, I truly believe Christian would never have held the title. Where TNA was smart was that they put the strap on him and cut his restricting strings and let him go. In my humble opinion, Christian is a class act whether a face or a heel and should be spotlighted....period. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see "Captain Charisma" resurface in the land of opportunity, TNA.

Kurt Angle is training for the Olympics. Seriously. While it hasn't been revealed which wrestling event, in any, he's training for, I for one, wish him luck in this pursuit.

Lastly on my topics list is Shane Helms, who went under the "Hurricane" persona was in a serious motorcycle accident last week. Velvet Sky, who had been in a relationship with Helms, has launched a Twitter account and has launched a campaign to raise funds to help cover Helms' hospital expenses. Sky is a golden find. Her and Dawn Marie, who a number of years ago, after being released from WWE upon learning of her pregnancy, also launched a fundraising campaign; a campaign to help support injured wrestlers who have taken the blunt end of the deal from feds who refuse to aid in giving their performers the medical care they need.

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