Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slammaversary's Enigma......

The brass at TNA have released the synopsis and promotional poster for Slammaversary IX. Two things strike me as odd on the poster itself. First, the litany of stars to appear stands without one of TNA's cornerstones....Jeff Hardy. Secondly, two non-title contenders are on the poster that don't seem to fit....Douglas Williams and Samoa Joe.  It's been carefully guarded as to when the Charismatic Enigma will re-emerge and wreak havoc once more.

While it's still too early to truly know for sure what TNA's course of action will be for either Hardy brother, it's been speculated that Jeff will be returning to television in the very near future. Additionally, there's been talk of turning the daredevil face upon his return.  Under the current state of events, it does make Jeff's opponent for the upcoming PPV a bit hazy. Guaranteed, he'll be in the top tier as TNA truly wants to keep one of their lead stars as close to the title scene as possible, even if it means bringing in another opponent to the top tier to compete for the number one contender's slot.

I have been hard on Jeff in some of my columns on other fan sites, but to be completely transparent, no one outside of Jeff and those in close quarters with him knows what's become of the Enigma many are counting down the seconds to see. That being said, I very much wish him the best in his journey back to the squared circle.

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