Saturday, May 7, 2011

TNA is America's Most Wanted.....

The current plan on the books is for one of the greatest tag teams in TNA history to reform. As reported earlier, "Wildcat" Chris Harris has returned to TNA after nearly 4 years away to challenge with Matt Hardy for the Tag Team Titles at Sacrifice. What is new about this is that America's Most Wanted with BOTH original members is set to reunite with Robert Roode being moved back into singles' action.

Personally, I loved AMW from the beginning. Smooth tags and a solid ring presence  combined with a very original finisher, the Death Sentence, took AMW to 6 NWA Tag Team Title reigns. It's only a matter of time before another reign looms on the horizon.

The tag team possibilities are virtually endless. The Hardy Boyz vs. AMW is TNA's premier dream tag match, but putting the titles on the line in the main event would be guaranteed money in the bank (no pun intended).  Speaking of dream matches, why not a Team 3D/ Hardys/ AMW gimmick match? We're talking about some major money matches in the cards; it's all a matter of whether TNA's creative team is ready, willing, or able to put together the story to bring the match of the year together. Here's hoping....

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  1. Whilst i understand the need to create new singles stars in Bobby Roode, obviously TNA will (or should) wait until we've had the 'dream match'. That for me could be going into 2012 as with a a top level encounter like that, i feel it will be more than one match, possibe upto three between the two. We've already sen that Roode has what it takes to be a good sibgles competitor as per the split of the famed Team Canada and his subsequent feud with Eric Young (although i think their Slammiversary 2007 match could have been executed better). He certainly has what it takes to go to the next level in TNA. I too am suprised with Chirs Harris' return to the company but there's a little piece of me that worries of the overall future of AMW after the inevitable feud with the Hardy's is concluded. Who knows, they may suprise us even more and not cast them away. So to quote your good self, "Here's Hoping."