Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Vince, Why?

Allow me to set the scene for a moment...I realize some might not quite understand why I would be mentioning Vince McMahon in a TNA column, but trust me, you will understand shortly. The Monday Night War was over by a couple of years and things are going well. Things start to get a bit sticky with certain talents not getting over with fans and making attempts to keep to a budget, we now have what myself and other wrestling columnists call "The Future Endeavors Club".

My question to Vince is WHY? Why hire talents without a plan to get said talents over? Vince and his minions hire their Divas from Playboy and sunblock model competitions rather than from the independent wrestling scene. They scout the indies a bit for their male talents, but when it comes to bringing them onto the stage, they can only do one of two things....they play a hype card and then let it fizzle, or they cram a superstar down our throats. 6 months after the push fails, Vince and his lackeys get to thinking. They need to unload some talent as the roster is too big thanks to hiring blunders and since this star isn't getting over, they need to go. We only want talents who will fill seats.

But it isn't only that.....some wrestlers are getting tired of the travel schedule and want/need some time to recoop. The problem is that once a star has taken down time, their push evaporates, save for those who are near the top of the card when they take the time (i.e. HHH, Undertaker, CM Punk, etc.).  The glass ceiling of WWE is very thick and reserved for those who've been allowed to break free of their verbal cues for the most part and are given the pushes they need to keep credibility.  Let's have a look at a few members of the Future Endeavors Club in years past.....

Kurt Angle (We know how that one panned out)
Mr. Anderson (We owe Randy Orton a debt for this one)
Mickie James (Our current Knockouts Champ)
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Christian (A worthy former Heavyweight Champ)
Gail Kim (The very first Knockouts Champ)
Matt Morgan (Just give him a little more time)

I would call Christian and Gail Kim WWE's worst financial decisions in the past few years. Let me explain.....Christian was put upon right from the start once he returned from TNA. He was expected to lead a 3rd rate show by being crowned it's champion, was drafted to the 2nd place show and finally, was only granted a 2 day long reign as a World Champion of their big belt. Gail's story was a bit different; she has yet to capture a championship since her return 2 years ago even though she won the Women's Championship in her first debut.

While certain wrestlers have succeeded in their repackaging (i.e. John Cena from the purple trunks to his rapper gimmick), while others have been sold out by the company that wasn't thinking about their future in the first place....but I suppose they do "wish them the best in all their future endeavors."

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