Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Worth The Wait....

Apologies for no posts, but with little news happening at the moment and a full schedule in the recent past; the two don't very well go together. HOWEVER, as quite often is the case, I hope you'll find this post worth the wait.

Somebody try to tell me that this doesn't look like an amazing set. It's really starting to look like the mark of a headliner professional wrestling company. SO......in the next couple of sentences, I'm gonna spoil some of the surprise, but I do hope you'll forgive that as I also want to toss in a bit of a prediction as well.

In next week's Impact, Foley gets the boot by the Network, which begs the question...who will confront and stand against Immortal? I smell a return from a top star who has been missing for a few weeks. In fact, I smell a few comebacks in the course of the coming weeks, but I've already speculated about a couple in my last column. I'd put my money on a few more X Division former champs as well as the Enigma Himself in the coming weeks.

I AM curious, though....who do YOU want to see in TNA by year's end? Drop a post and let me know who and toss in a why as well.

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  1. GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!