Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Fresh and The Familiar.....

Destination X is right around the corner and, as I predicted, former stars have come out of the woodwork to see some time. I can list Austin Aries (one-time Austin Starr), Miss Jackie, ODB, Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, and I fully expect a few more to put this organization back together after the loss of Mick Foley. His storyline got this ball rolling and I have no doubts it will continue to do so even after the lights of Destination X go out.

TNA is bringing back the 6 sided ring and, even though it's a gimmick this time around, most of the fans who have seen this piece of TNA history in action, myself included, will be happy to see it being used once again. I can only hope it becomes a yearly thing, something like the Elimination Chamber was for WWE.

Now that Anderson is the new World Champion, it seems only fitting to advise the rest of the world to watch this guy carry the strap. He is about to break loose and really take control of his persona and put himself out there in a way that makes this company proud.

Crimson, Joe, and Matt Morgan are on the rise and not a moment too soon, as TNA needs their stars at their top notch best and will continue to in the coming months. With a tough PPV schedule; perhaps the toughest of the year, it will test and train them in this craft. I look for great things to come from Crimson, Joe, Morgan, and even Pope in the coming weeks. Now that we're all on the Victory Road, readying ourselves for Bound For Glory, I suggest to all TNA fans to buckle up....and enjoy the ride.

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