Thursday, June 30, 2011

If Everyone Had the Luxury.....

CM Punk did something I never thought possible....he shocked me. I mean it...I was fully and completely dumbfounded. History from watching WWE as long as I have has taught me that they hate people leaving of their own free will. The former divas who have left with few exceptions have been embarrassed horribly on their way out. Lillian was given wrong lines to read on RAW, Lita was trapped in a real life storyline that made things uncomfortable at best, and others have faced similar treatment.

CM Punk, however, is a different animal. He won't be caged; won't be snubbed; won't be underestimated...and in his promo; won't be misunderstood. I, personally LOVED it. It was raw (no pun intended) and laced with some pretty strong words and fact is, some are gonna hate on the guy. Can anyone imagine what WWE would be like if they expected such fluency of tongue from their entire roster? I can see the Future Endeavors Club being so large, it would burst the walls. If everyone on the roster were given the opportunity to get that much off their chest....

Big guy on the stage....yeah you; cross the line and we'll show you off like a looks like you've got some stuff to teach this generation as well. Some old ROH rivalries could be revived on the big screen.

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