Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intentions and Realities....

I've been following Zach Ryder. I'm impressed. I have no doubt he can do some amazing things if given the time and the exposure to do so. He's ring solid, overflowing with charisma and can work a mic like a veteran. Combine all of this with the fact that he's more over than almost anyone on the WWE roster right now and I think we can all expect to see one of two things happen.

1. WWE will change his persona and then try to push the altered personality. WWE has proven over and over that they have great difficulty pushing something that isn't their own creation. Zach is his own persona and his web show has proven his ability to put content into his character.

2. WWE will release Ryder and enforce his no compete clause with reckless abandon. This option is ill advised as he's quite possibly the most interesting character to not appear on WWE TV for some time. His presence on YouTube will have to be enough to satiate his newfound fanbase.

Vince, I know how much you need some star power on your programs. BUT if you have difficulties putting Zach on TV, you can always send him to TNA; we'll use him. No problem.

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