Thursday, June 30, 2011

More to Say?

In the wake of what made headlines for WWE, I feel I have to wonder if this is anything more than an attempt to garner fans. Is Punk leaving? Perhaps, but I think it bodes well for WWE to allow him to continue shooting his promos from the hip.  Will he go back to Ring of Honor? Jim Cornette would welcome him back into the fold. That much is for sure. Now for TNA.....

CM Punk in TNA means something new. AJ Styles, Daniels, Joe, and more of the homegrown talents in TNA can claim to have worked with the Straight Edge Superstar. Hogan and Bischoff are licking their lips...count on that. He's a complete package. He can talk, he can wrestle, he can create controversy....and, according to Eric, "controversy creates cash". Fact is, the kind of promo he cut on live television would fit in a LOT better in TNA than anything WWE has put on for a great many years. 

Now, having said all that, since TNA is a very different company than it was when Punk was last here, I do think there will be a time of adjustment to a new way of doing things, so I would suggest a few warm up feuds to either bury or elevate each star.

Orlando Jordan- Never been a fan and a feud would finally put a nail in the coffin...finally. I'll never understand why Hogan brought this guy in. He's a stowaway and those go overboard with the rest of the dead weight.

Samoa Joe- I preach the goods he has PROVED to have delivered in the era past, but Punk's intensity and previous encounters would put them both near the top of the card.

Mr. Anderson- I realize he's champ, but he's the best talker TNA has right now and with the fully blossomed Punk to bounce his skills off would give a HUGE edge to TNA's mic working portfolio.

Matt Morgan- It seems about time for Morgan to step back into the limelight and what better way to prove a threat than to work with a fully established star of today. This is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered to give his moveset and mic prowess some much needed screen time.

Seems like TNA's creative staff has their work cut out for them. I would advise them to put together a storyline right now and pitch it as Punk is nearing the end of his tenure. If the story is appealing, compelling, and has some more meaningful and lasting effects, you can bet we'll see the Mystery Opponent in a specialty match being revealed as Straight Edge.

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