Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning and the TNA Draft....

So, with Wrestlemania over and done and TNA looking over the current crop of possible cast offs, I think it's time to put together the first official TNA Draft. These are my picks of those that WWE has either tried and failed to get over or never tried in the first place.

Round 1.  The Usos- WWE doesn't do tag teams seems logical to build TNA's even bigger.
- Tiffany- I realize that she hasn't been around WWE for a bit, but it seems like TNA could use at least one more wrestler to go for the Knockouts title.

- Daniel Bryan- His demeanor is good backstage, from what I'm told, but with ABSOLUTELY no clue how to use him, I can promise you, his future would be brighter in TNA.

- Melina- Over the net, she's talked about making a pretty drastic change to her look, but in my opinion, a TNA jersey would look the best coupled with a Knockouts Championship.

- John Morrison- He's on injured reserve, awaiting a comeback, but WWE is very impatient with injuries; particularly with players who aren't high draws on the card and since he probably won't break through the glass ceiling, it seems a safe choice.

I doubt very much there is any need for a second round, but I am curious who you would choose from the undercard. Since WWE has a priority to keep their top tier talent under lock and key, the undercard is virtually up for grabs. So here's to TNA's field day.

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