Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who's Up For Slammiversary?

So with Slammiversary coming up tomorrow, I had a thought to toss in some thoughts over a few of the matches to watch for.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle....Really, what can I say about this other than "There Will Be Blood." This feud has been nothing short of heated and personal, but then that's what TNA is good at; making the feuds more believable. I look for this one to rock the house.

Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles....This one has me a bit puzzled as it seems to me AJ shoul be setting his sights higher than Ray. I always look for him in the top tier as he deserves to be there, but I digress. I look for great psychology from a classy professional in Ray, but I will call for a high impact finish from AJ to close it out and put a cap on this chapter in AJ's career.

Crimson vs. Joe....THIS is the feud I want to see move both guys to the next level. I want to see Joe succeed like he did early on in his TNA run and I think this feud and match will elevate him to that point. While it wouldn't surprise me to see a clean win, it would surprise me to see anything short of a 5 star match and may even turn out to be match of the night.

Angelina Love vs. Mickie James....I love both of these gals as they work the ring like crazy to get every match right and get timing down to a science. Angelina and Mickie are two big reasons why TNA succeeds at showcasing women's wrestling...lovely tacticians who can compete at a world class for every match.

Sting vs. Anderson....Ken Anderson is quite possibly the best microphone worker in the business right now and can respectably carry a match where others may fall a bit short. While Sting has a tight rein on the TNA World Title, I very much believe Mr. Anderson is as capable an opponent as can be asked for.

I, personally, believe Jeff Hardy will put himself into this PPV at some point, but I never rush progress and his return will definitely herald a new age for the Charismatic Enigma; one that will undoubtedly bring him back into the fold to continue helping TNA remain the best in professional wrestling today.

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