Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And an Added Bonus....

HHH has relieved Vince and revealed himself as the boss. Just as I theorized. I had hoped WWE would run that route. Do I think it'll work? That depends. If WWE insists on maintaining a PG environment? NO. If they roll out the Steve Austin antics and give CM Punk some free space to run? YES. He's arguably the best worker of the mic and can hold his own in the ring with anyone. In my personal opinion, WWE's ability to put together a long program in a PG era has been lacking since the beginning, but I've been wrong before and I daresay, I'll probably be wrong at least once more in my life.

TNA's direction is solid. If my sources are accurate, The Hardy Boyz will be back to full force potentially at or shortly following Bound for Glory. I am beginning to believe Crimson will either be in the main event, or chasing the title for the remainder of the year after Bound for Glory. For that matter, it also appears that Gunner may be on the same course. His character is a lot more versatile than I originally was thinking. He has certainly surprised me with his mic skill and in ring presence as of late.

The X factors in this whole story will be Angle, Anderson, and Jarrett. If they can either be willing to stand aside and let the new breed make their mark, things will be all the better in the long run. Sting will most assuredly be busy with Hogan to finish out his Bound for Glory tenure. Whether he re-signs, I believe, will depend upon how much is left in his tank once the smoke clears on his contract. Angle is around for a few more years on limited performance dates and Anderson is a lock.

I still believe we'll see at least 2 more Knockouts debuting as regular members of the roster and 3 more X Division talents. My best guesses for Knockouts are ODB and Melina as I have my doubts WWE will put up with any more moodiness backstage. Fact is, she's arguably the best women's performer on the roster with the exceptions being Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Her unveiling will be a HUGE bombshell to end off the year or begin the next.

As for the X Division, I believe they have learned their lesson from earlier years that the X Division needs serious storylines to stand side by side with the main events. My guesses for X Division stars being signed? Jack Evans, Zema Ion, and the one everyone will be excited for....Petey Williams, assuming his skills are still up to par. As stacked with performers as they are already, I have my doubts, they will be picking up more than 3 talents to round out the division.

One last item. Look for a second 2 hour show in the next year. With the size of the roster now, there is no way to get everyone spotlight time without cutting gouges into the storyline development time. Hogan has stated that TNA is going on the road for their shows more often. If an every week format works we could be witnessing the rebirth of the wrestling wars, the way it should have gone from the start. My advice? Pick 2 days WWE is NOT on. You can have Impact on Thursdays still, but perhaps pick Saturday or Tuesday to showcase the new show. that you have your bonus column, enjoy it.

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