Wednesday, July 13, 2011

...And Again.....

I read other people's's true. I like reading what people have to say about the TNA product first, but I also like taking a gander at what people are talking about in other feds as well. While a great deal of the stuff about TNA up until recently was the ''same 'ol same 'ol'', I've been reading some things that have made me proud to be a spokesman of sorts for TNA.

From a piece in Contrarian's Corner titled "In Case You Haven't Noticed"...

In case you haven't noticed, "Wrestling Matters" to TNA. And while we snickered and sneered at the pronouncement they have done everything they can the past several weeks to prove they mean it. The ratings suggest TNA is languishing in near obscurity, but if the jaded wrestling fans start to pay attention, they would see a company providing us the kind of entertainment we've been clamoring for.

Or how about this one from a blog called (I apologize in advance for the title) The PEN15 Mightier titled "TNA>WWE"

Another aspect of Impact I’m enjoying is how well showcased everyone is on the show. This isn’t about how well booked the wrestlers are, but how well established they are. Unlike the standard WWE fashion of overbooking their main eventers on a weekly basis, TNA will use short backstage segments to keep guys relevant. Wrestlers who aren’t in a match can have a quick appearance on the show to ensure they aren’t forgotten. This is an incredible tool. It doesn’t take long for someone to lose their heat in wrestling. As much as I’m not a fan of Drew McIntyre, in no way should he be off Raw as often as he is. He doesn’t need to wrestle every week, but having an appearance here and there will help keep him in the conscious of the fans. Impact Wrestling does a great job with this. Not perfect, but much better than WWE seems to do. 

It seems that people are beginning to say things that aren't just fluff. It's nice to see people finally starting to take TNA seriously again. I'll be the first to admit that the beginnings of the Bishoff/Hogan regime's tenure were rough at best, but now that the smoke has cleared, I think TNA is all the better for it. 

I am also glad that TNA has been remembering the stuff that brought them into people's homes to begin with. Household names, the X Division, and the Knockouts all brought into a complete blend of talent with everything to offer. Things seem to be on track now and all that is left to do is hang on tight, we're in for a wild ride.

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