Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bound For Glory.....

I am in a state of euphoria right now. First things first...the Bound For Glory series is a great concept that I hope goes a long way to give TNA a huge edge. Crimson, a guy I've been rooting for for a long time, seems finally able to shine and throw down some pretty impressive victories. Though it remains to be seen if TNA management believe him to be ready to take the reins as the new face of TNA, I think he has the tools and is improving by the week.

While Crimson has taken off, talents like Matt Morgan haven't been showcased as much, but I believe that will change in the up and coming weeks. Fact is, with a full month and some change until BFG, I can't help thinking a couple of stakes hikes will be upon us. Maybe a chance for a couple of the underdog performers to get back into the game. Call it 'double or nothing' or something like that. That'd make things a bit interesting in the final two or three weeks.

I do have another thought, TNA has just re-signed Kid Kash. I get the sneaking feeling that at least 3 more X Division talents are coming to mix things up. Even though the contract stipulation made no mention of others being offered contracts, I believe Low Ki and Jack Evans will be back. The one man people are still in knots over right now is Petey Williams. "The Canadian Destroyer" has been gone since 2009, but the memory of his finisher lives on in infamy. Will his return be imminent? My best guess is definitely, the question is when?

One last note worthy of mention is that America's Most Wanted has yet to reform, even though Chris Harris is lingering around the backrooms of the Impact Zone. Keep a watchful eye out as AMW may very well be reuniting as Robert Roode's injury may keep him from defending the Tag Titles in the coming weeks. I would predict him going to Harris and asking him to take his place, putting AMW back together himself.

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