Friday, July 22, 2011


WWE has taken a page from the WCW school of kayfabe and has gone with CM Punk as their chosen vehicle. In true Attitude Era fashion, at the San Diego Comic Convention, no less, and in front of a following of press and fans, Punk cut through the crowd with WWE Championship in tow and confronted HHH. He stated that he was taking exception to WWE choosing a new champion now that he was no longer with the company. HHH responded in kind by saying that things are now running a bit differently now that he's in charge and that he doesn't have to answer to him.

In a business where the war of words from column writers and internet wrestling analysts like to think of themselves as the saviors of the wrestling business, TNA has been the target of a lot of bad press. Some columnists have accused them of copying storylines and concepts from WWE. Let's do some fair research right now.....

TNA launched Lockdown in 2005. Four years later, WWE followed suit with a Hell in a Cell PPV. TNA's Slammiversary PPV has included a King of the Mountain Ladder Match and, in the case of 2008, showcased 2 such matches. WWE, in 2010, put together a PPV surrounding their own Ladder match centered PPV. While WWE's 'cell' concept was capitalized on by TNA with their 'Lethal Lockdown' match, the cage centered PPV was a TNA concept in the recent past.

While I, myself, have no qualms with WWE putting together concepts that emulate TNA's with a PG spin, I DO have some difficulties with WWE's true and elite fanbase accusing TNA of copycat behavior and spinning WWE's with excuses. Let's be fair and acknowledge that the realm of original ideas in the wrestling world is a myth and that the creative processes of both organizations rely on outside source material to make their respective companies thrive.

On a side note, Vince McMahon has been in talks with network executives and suits to pull some clout and getting CM Punk some television time on talk shows and other outlets to get some more press on the impending feud between Punk and the 'oppressive' *wink wink* upper management of WWE.  While I love the idea of Punk being showcased, I sincerely hope this doesn't cloud the waters, making it hard to see the other potential breakout stars ready to test their brass in the squared circle.

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