Monday, July 25, 2011

Here Comes the Pain....

WWE's "Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century" DVD features a Who's Who of some of the all time greats. One man I was overjoyed to see on the disc was Brock Lesnar. A human wrecking ball of a man, Lesnar MADE WWE the thing to watch during his tenure. Granted he only lasted 2 years, but during that time, he held the biggest titles and made his opponents dread facing him for them.

I would have loved to see him face some of TNA's finest. Brock Lesnar facing Samoa Joe during his undefeated streak would have been amazing just from a booking standpoint alone. Now, I understand his body can't afford the kind of abuses the wrestling world demands, but IF there was a way to give him the kind of one time attraction deal The Undertaker has and IF the storylines were played out and staggered enough to make the payoff worth the time, it might be worth the money to shell out. Fact is, there are few, if any who could contest that kind of athlete, save for maybe Kurt Angle or Joe.

For WWE to be romancing him AND Paul Heyman at a time like this, in my opinion, is good for their business. Don't expect him to appear as an on screen character IF and when a deal is reached. It's been stated by those close to the situation that Brock has no interest in wrestling for Vince again, but rather a backstage hand in training athletes or helping in the creative process might be in the realm of possibility.

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