Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Build a CM Punk Storyline.....

For WWE, the process should have been so simple. CM Punk's 'contract' had expired and he didn't renew it. He cut a dramatic promo on a live episode of RAW that many columnists, including myself, called brilliant. and he faded away. It could have ended there and left the world speechless by Punk showing up in TNA or Ring of Honor or ANYWHERE ELSE. WWE needs Punk and they know it. SO....Punk is brought into the ComicCon stage with megaphone and title in tow. He confronts HHH and presto, instant story beginning.

Here's where WWE made a mistake fatal to the entire story. They brought him back after two weeks. They put him on WWE television two weeks after he left with the title. He could have shown up to hijack WWE's broadcast feed and given HHH a cease and desist order with threats of grandeur. He could have cut through the crowds and screwed John Cena out of the title vs. Rey. Now this is all storyline ideas centering on what Punk could have done.

WWE could have called for a RAW contract signing the week before Money in the Bank. A hidden stipulation could have been put into the document, locking him into contract if the title were to have been won by him. That would have put CM Punk in very good condition to raise a little bit of hell and brimstone on the 'oppressive powers that be'. Why not give Punk a little bit of Stone Cold's feud with McMahon? Why not give it to the young fans who never got to see any of that?

By giving John Cena back the title after losing it two weeks earlier was a bad move. It further contaminates the credibility of the title. Casting an exact duplicate didn't help the matter and by bringing back Punk earlier than they should have, it put a high gloss glare right on the heart of the problem. Now, the creative team has dropped the ball and, unless some ground is made up, the storyline is shot to heck and virtually irreparably so.

I have no doubt that some of the writing team saw this as a good time to play it safe, but when the stakes of loyal fans are so high, this wasn't the time to play it safe. Taking a risk by keeping Cena away from the title and letting Del Rio and Rey fight over it may have been just what was needed to breathe some credibility into Del Rio as well. When this story has run its course, which I predict to be very soon, WWE will realize that hindsight is 20/20.

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