Monday, July 25, 2011

Knockouts vs. Divas....

Exerpt from one wrestling news source-

"The Bella Twins took an apparent shot at Rosa Mendes Sunday night on Twitter following Money in the Bank as their fellow Diva retweeted several fan comments during the pay-per-view event advocating that she win the WWE Divas Championship.

A Bella wrote, "I think it's funny when people have to RT something a lot when they don't even have the skill to back it up... #Desperate&Sad."

Minutes later, a fan suggested that Brie learn how to wrestle and could do so by studying footage of the TNA Knockouts. The fan wrote, "I'm actually shocked your match went like 5 mins haha!!! But seriously, learn to work. Watch TNA Knockouts and take notes!!!"

One of the Bellas snarked, "they have the worst matches ever." She added, "Show up to a live event and your mouth will shut up... Like we're in charge of time."

Personally, I LOVE reading stuff like this. It really shows WWE in a negative light when Divas, who've been purchased from a spread in a Hawaiian Tropic ad and tossed into a wrestling ring say stuff fed to them by Vince and/or his cronies.  While, the Divas are right about time being out of their control, there is a world of difference between a match in TNA and a match in WWE nowadays. I will let one of my favorite indy performers plead my case.....

Sure, Danger's comments are a bit dated, but the information is all true. For the record, Gail Kim was the very first Knockouts Champion. The feud that took place was epic to say the least, but it was a number of years ago. I will say this, though. Since those days, Tara (Victoria), Mickie James, and Jackie have come in and have put on some pretty respectable matches and they were former Divas. It would appear that leaving for the competition makes them untouchables in the eyes of WWE talent. Would I like to see a Divas vs. Knockouts matchup just to prove a point? You better believe it. I would RELISH the chance to see something like ODB vs. Kelly Kelly or Angelina Love vs. Alicia Fox. Even Madison Rayne, who was very raw (no pun intended) coming in, has come into her own and could lay to waste all but WWE's elite three, who are true wrestlers in a company loaded down with bikini models.

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