Monday, July 11, 2011


Before I go into what may turn out to be a somewhat longer column, I would like to comment on the climate of wrestling. With little news happening up until the past 48 hours, it has been difficult to maintain a daily column, but after much collaborating with friends and discussion with colleagues alike, I do believe an every other day format COULD work out just fine, so that's what I'm planning with a possible bonus column if time allows. And so...thus begins a new chapter in this blog.

CM Punk's contract officially runs out after the Money in the Bank PPV. After a bunch of deliberation from both sides, an agreement was made to extend from the initial June 17th end date until after this month's PPV. WWE is prepared to dump out buckets of money because they understand the problem I have mentioned on many occasions. WWE NEEDS STAR POWER. They need a multitude of familiar faces.

I do hope for a twist in the storytelling by WWE creative as the John Cena/ Punk story is the best thing happening there. For my money, I would have a contract signing next week on RAW tonight and have Punk sign the contract with a scuffle or something just so there aren't any surprises. Advertise that the RAW GM will FINALLY be revealed at the next PPV. You're sure to get some viewers for that one.

The night of the PPV, let Punk win the belt from Cena. In a twist, allow the GM sound to ring out. Then, bring an error signal across the screen with a reboot countdown. Once the graphic reaches the 100% mark, Triple H's music hits and he comes out, dressed in a full suit. He hits the ring and tells the crowd, who are obviously a bit surprised that he is the GM. He then tells Punk that he thinks he's pulled a fast one, but what he didn't read was the fine print. That the contract stipulates that IF Punk won the belt, his contract renews for another 3 years or whatever time span they choose. From then until Wrestlemania, taking liberal pages from the Stone Cold Steve Austin playbook and perhaps even being aided by Austin on occasion, he spends his time trying to get himself fired or released from his contract. THAT is how CM Punk could single-handedly save WWE.

NOW....on to TNA.
I fully expected some new acquisitions for TNA in the recent past, but I couldn't have asked for a better addition than Austin Aries. He was a welcome return, but also returning was Shark Boy, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, and the introductions of some brand new talents; Jack Evans, Zema Ion and Mark Haskins. TNA has needed to bring up some new faces to integrate into the fold and mix with their current crop of talent. Without a doubt, the Destination X PPV did EXACTLY what it set out to do...provide some more exposure for the X Division to shine. It was refreshing to see. It was also nice to see Daniels and Styles headlining the event.

I fully expect to see some changes in the up and coming storylines, most of which will put TNA into a brand new that is far superior to before the regime came in. It may have taken a bit longer than some of us old school fans of the product, but it seems that we're over the hump.

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