Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Respect and Loyalty....

I've got a couple of people in mind to talk about in this column....Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam.  First up in the  on deck circle, Mick Foley. In an earlier column, I gave Mick a great deal of credit for being a class act performer and person. I hold to those statements steadfastly, however, I would like to point out a quick little something. It's been rumored that he is back in talks with WWE. I can understand how the friction was irritating for him in TNA, but WWE has been little more than a once on and off type of relationship, where he gets a payoff and goes on his merry way with little regard for long term commitments. Seems to me the better deal would have been TNA, but who am I?

On to RVD. Generation Me explained their reasons for leaving TNA quite simply...they weren't being used. Seems fair enough. RVD was a bit dismissive by saying never respected the veterans enough to ask for advice. In response they mentioned that they always said hello to him, but it makes me ask one thing....what does saying hello and giving respect have to do with one another? I would at least say hello to an enemy out of common courtesy. I'm not saying they weren't respectful, I'm just saying that both sides are a bit off balance. RVD could have offered to take them under his wing if he wanted to spout his mouth. Generation Me could have asked for help from any of the vets and you can be sure any of them would have been happy to give some helpful advice....even down to going to management to give them more screen time.

I don't want to see any more young guns leave. It's bad for the company, it's bad for them, it's bad for everyone who wants to see them perform. The roster now is right about perfect, save for the few inevitable additions in the up and coming future.

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