Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Road Yet Untraveled....

Hardcore Justice is coming up....but what comes after that. While I've speculated a few things, I have yet to put together my predictions. Firstly due to the fact that the Bound for Glory series has yet to produce a true front runner for the number one spot. Crimson may be in the lead, but the closer things get, I can see things going VERY differently.

I've been looking forward to some returns for BFG, notably Jeff Hardy, but I would put in a guess that at least 2 appearances are likely come that day. I have no evidence to back this up, so don't toss it back if I'm wrong, but I'm getting some definite vibes that a couple more people are waiting in the rafters, so to speak.

WWE's been giving CM Punk a long leash to run this storyline with. I have no doubt Punk has re-signed and is using the time off to sell this to the masses, but there have been distinct differences between him and EVERY other superstar to ever leave WWE, making me believe it's all story.
1. He shows up at Comic Con with megaphone and WWE Title in hand, confronting HHH.
2. WWE suspends the final match of RAW to 'fire' Vince, giving another week of build.
3. WWE planned the confrontation and had handlers bring Punk in the door.
4. They posted footage.

If there was any need for further proof that this is all story, one need only understand that, while Vince has never liked the internet wrestling community, HHH has a lot more business sense in this area. He knows that we teeming masses are MUCH more vast than those who fill up the arenas from week to week. We've been waiting for something controversial and the internet as a tool has only been used a handful of times in the past decade and a half to put together a compelling story.

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