Thursday, July 21, 2011

What If?

       I'd like to put something to the fans of the TNA product. Let's say Vince Russo were to retire and allow his spot as head writer for the TNA creative team to be available. Let's also assume that once Bound for Glory has run its course, Hogan will be primarily be a backstage power.  And lastly, let's also assume a couple top guys also retire, freeing up a large sum of money to bolster TNA's budget. I have two questions.....

1. Who does TNA choose to fill in the Creative Team Writer position?


2. If you could pick 3 talents from anywhere to fill the spots left by those top talents?

I've seen the product under the command of great men, creative geniuses of our day. I've seen the product under the command of stale men, whose time has run its course. In my opinion, there are only 2 or 3 guys who would be able to do the kind of things TNA needs to succeed. 
My first choice is Dusty Rhodes. In the days of Jeff Hardy's first signing with TNA back in 2004, Dusty had been the Director of Authority character. The storylines were good back then and gave people a reason to tune into the product.
My second choice is Jim Cornette. I loved his character in TNA from the beginning as the General Manager figure. He was no nonsense; he took no prisoners and he had a nack for putting characters on the map.
My last choice, due in no small part to the conditions attached, is Paul Heyman. While I love his idea to breathe new life into the product by filling it with young talents, I believe this poses a problem that would turn them into WWE, who is hurting for veterans to bring the young characters into the top tier. Unless a talent has the "it" factor from the beginning, he/she will be doomed to fail unless they are given some direction; some training in developing their confidence. 

My 3 picks are for 3 different divisions that, I believe, would take off if they were brought in. First, I'd pick Allison Danger for the Women's Division. Her tenure with SHIMMER, a women's exclusive fed has been good and her experiences with Mickie James, Kong, Lacey Von Erich, and others both on the TNA AND WWE rosters would make her a fitting addition to the Knockouts Division.
Next, I'd snap up Haas and Benjamin as a unit to bolster the Tag Division. I realize this is a bit of a cop out and makes the list longer than 3 people, but this is a unit, a complete package that must be sold as such. Neither man made a lasting splash in WWE, but the two as a unit, did. 
My last pick is Chavo Guerrero. I realize that may sound a bit odd, but hear me out. Imagine someone like Jeff Hardy or Anderson or even Kurt Angle as the champ. On Impact, Chavo comes out and, for 2 or 3 weeks throws punches about old history, remembering how he has each of these performers scouted and knows all their tricks. He plays his character as a truly cold and calculated villain, whose quest for the big brass ring has yet to be realized. I would have him interfere in the matches with all of them, regardless of who has the belt. I would also have him leaving the arena each night unscathed. As the weeks draw near to the PPV, give him a Tag Title shot as the leader of a brand new revived World Elite stable. The man deserved his time in the sun more than Rey Mysterio. I mean no disrespect, but it wasn't Rey's uncle that passed away; it was Chavo's. Rey's first reign could have been later and no one would have been the wiser, but the first one belonged to Chavo and this would be the time to let him shine the way he deserved to then.

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