Thursday, August 25, 2011

After BFG and Answers to Criticism.....

It's tough to make calls about the direction of TNA once the lights of Bound for Glory have gone out, but I'd like to see a few things happen.

- I would love to see another insurgence of Dixie Carter where she reveals her plans to bring back the 6 Sided Ring. The story would go back and forth, with each month the Hogan regime gaining ground until something huge happens, namely Dixie hiring a group of superstars to finally take out the regime on the surface and drive them behind the curtain.

- Wouldn't it be cool if a new gimmick match could be created by the mind that gave us the Elimination Chamber? WarGames in TNA? Come on, you know you want it too.

- Stables reunion for a World Cup Tournament....Mexican America vs. Team Canada vs. The British Invasion vs. Team USA (Kurt Angle and the World's Greatest Tag Team)


- AJ Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels one more time.

Switching gears....I was looking through the roster just today because I keep hearing these ridiculous accusations of TNA only taking "WWE rejects" or "has beens". Let's have a look, shall we? On the 64 member roster, there are 10 in the listing who aren't even wrestlers (I'm most definitely counting Flair, Hogan, and Taz). In the number remaining, 16 are former WWE performers. Of those, all but perhaps one are still very capable of working a respectable match with about anyone. That wrestler is Scott Steiner, who is on the cusp of retirement anyway. Would anyone call Kurt Angle a "reject"? How about the former Victoria? Jeff Hardy? Before answering that one, keep in mind that WWE made him a world champion twice in the final year he was with them. CM Punk owes a great deal to him for putting him over and being given a title reign by Hardy.

Of the wrestlers TNA has from the WWE roster, a couple are, in my opinion being booked stronger in TNA than they ever were in WWE. Anderson, Ray, Devon, Pope, and Matt Morgan are my best examples as SINGLES performers. I have seen TNA make strides to create new stars in what was given up on and discarded without the proper time or attention. I dare WWE to do the same in the new era.

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  1. You make some very valid points and I love to read your articles...I would love to see and I have written to Hogan about this "war games". There will never be another Four Horsemen nor an L.O.D. aka Road Worriors, but are you telling me with talent that is out there they can not come up with a great character? Heck if the Mountie was huge why can they not come out with something else?