Friday, August 26, 2011

Benefit of the Doubt......

There is some backstage heat on Jeff Hardy with him tweeting that he was coming back. My take on the situation? SO WHAT!!?! WHO CARES? Just because he revealed when he was coming back to work DOES NOT mean he would be performing. Wrestlers in TNA do have some input as to what is done with their character. Why could he not be collaborating? Sure, his brother was released which conflicts with the way he's brought back, and sure, he might be pissed. But he might just be more willing to work with you if he knows that what Matt did may have blacklisted him. Do you really think WWE will want to take Matt back with his newly established eccentricities? I think not.

DWI is a pretty serious gig. Kurt Angle was arrested for this offense, but his performances and focus has been exemplary since that time. Matt Hardy's tardiness and lack of focus coupled with his aloof posts on YouTube more than speak for themselves and warranted something more. There is a sense of responsibility and professionalism that must be abided by in order to get what you want out of the business and this, I daresay, goes against that very code.

Should Jeff have posted his intentions on Twitter? Who am I to say? Sources close say he's turned himself around and I, for one, would like to believe that. Further, his refusal to go along with a couple of those posts his brother put up has to count for something. And my last thought...Jeff Hardy will garner ratings for his return or so I hope. A little slip like that might just help their cause, not destroy it. Let's give the man one last benefit of the doubt before we blacklist the last remaining member of Team Xtreme.


  1. I, for one, LOVE Jeff Hardy.... besides Sting, Jeff is my reason for even taking an interest in TNA to begin with and I will be screaming at the top of my lungs when he walks to the ring again...

  2. alot of people just hate on jeff and most of them are smoking a joint as they are. but anyway sting u hAVE been my favorite since i was five years old..i remember the days u came to the ring with the blonde top and the different paintings, must say this new gimmick blows all the rest out the park.