Thursday, August 4, 2011

Booking Wrestlemania's Top Feuds...

So WWE's top feud is Cena/ Punk. I'm not impressed. At least not with how it's been done. I know, I know, I'm a TNA guy, but somehow it just seems like this story keeps popping up and it gets me riled because after all the stuff WWE has done to keep younger talents down in the past 10 years, they have the nerve to expect me to believe Punk came back for his ego? Nah...not buying. How would I dissect this feud? First of all, I wouldn't have made the match for SummerSlam. Instead, I would have stretched it out until at least Night of Champions. I'll even go week by week....take some notes, WWE.

His confrontation with HHH couldn't have gone better. It was played out perfectly. I say keep up pretenses. Let him attend a couple of indy shows, even ROH, if it suits him. Let him keep the WWE Title in tow. HHH could still have crowned the new champion, but it wouldn't have been in one night or even two. I say make it a 3 week tourney. Tape could be sent in to RAW to play the week before the final match between Rey and Cena in which Punk is shown taking a conference call from a mysterious someone. He tells the person he knows and that Cena won't forget his priorities.

 Punk cuts through the crowd and screws Punk out of the title, escaping back through the crowd. About that time, familiar music cuts in and The Rock comes out to a thunderous applause. Cena is still recovering and Rocky takes the mic in hand and says that he doesn't want to see Cena take his eye off the ball. It takes focus to beat the 'Jabroni beatin'' etc.

HHH comes out the following week and says that he's been looking over the contract of a certain superstar and says that he found something rather interesting. He says that under the terms of this contract, signed, sealed, and delivered to WWE Headquarters, if he should win a title at any level of WWE competition, he is contractually obligated to renew said contract for  x number of months or years. Punk shows up the following Monday and contests this claim, stating that he was lied to by the man who got him signed in the first place....HHH. Thus begins a new battle in like pattern to the Austin/ McMahon feud of the 90's.

This formula isn't hard to put together, guys. Really. If WWE were to put their heads together, surely something like this could have come together rather smoothly, but what else can one expect from a company that doesn't even stand for 'World Wrestling Entertainment' anymore?

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