Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Building of Bound for Glory....

I've been betting on Joe for months would appear that my bets are about to pay off. At the last night of tapings this week, Joe got into a battle with Devon. I'm still putting my money on his actions being only the beginning of his road back to the top. Joe's capable of headlining and has proved it time and time again. Fact is, Unbreakable 2005's main event was the best all around match of the past decade, in my personal opinion, as the feud was so well built and coming out of the battle, the war still raged on for months to follow.

While some complain that Kazarian, Daniels, and AJ have been underutilized as some of the best performers in TNA bar none, I would argue that this position, as the true killers of Immortal will put them all over the top. I'm also betting that upon Jeff Hardy's return, we'll see the final death blow.

All of this brings to mind which feuds are brewing and will last through Bound for Glory....let's do some examining......

Kurt Angle and Crimson are in a program now that has some very serious potential. The injury angle is good and should make Crimson look like a beast. A championship run right now for Crimson may give TNA the credibility of making new champions even more than WWE right now.

Joe's feud with Pope seems to have no end, even if it's via Devon's suffering. As much as I'm not a fan of what's happening, I think TNA's new creative team is still learning how best to use Joe's volatile personality by experimenting with his chemistry with Pope. I like the feud, I just think it's been played to death. Guys, let's move on.

Ken Anderson is, arguably the best mic worker in TNA without doubt and a face-off between he and CM Punk would have sold without any build whatsoever. I know I'd buy in. Facing facts....he can be on anyone's radar and put on a program that makes waves. He proved it with Angle, Hardy, RVD, and now with Ray. I think this feud may continue as his beatdown can be built to a HUGE deal with him siding with Fortune to finally strike down Immortal. I don't see him wearing gold for at least a few months under that storyline.

The character I am extremely leery of right now and the potentially disastrous element of the entire puzzle is Abyss. He seems to be played right now as a whiny crybaby and puppet and I think he has the ability to morph into a much more creative friendly character once Bound for Glory has come and gone. Whatever they choose to do with his role, you can bet his part will probably be a train wreck. I feel it only fair to warn you all now before you get fired up only to be let down.

I only have a couple of items to cover....the Knockouts and the Tag Team Titles. Expect Mickie, ODB, Jackie, or Angelina to hover around the title scene as TNA prepares to receive a former champion back into the fold. I have no doubt whatsoever that Gail Kim will be back and in proper time to make a difference in the division.

Beer Money is still the hottest tag team out there, but I'm hopeful that the Machine Guns reunion is on the horizon and, with Pope and Devon potentially being added to the division along with Ink Inc., another team may be coming in with great fanfare for the long time fan. With Kid Kash back in TNA and Lance Hoyt as a free agent, why not bring back Kash and Dallas? Seems like a good idea to me.

Think about it, TNA.

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