Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So the WWE Brand Extension Era has ended as HHH announced that Smackdown and RAW would finally become one roster once more. Okay, so this separation has lasted almost a decade. I truly wish I could generate some kind of feeling about that, but alas, nothing. I was furious when they broke the roster in the first place, although the roster wars storyline where each manager was choosing who to bring to their respective show was entertaining. Once again, I can thank Easy E, Eric Bischoff for selling that storyline like a million bucks.

In TNA's news, James Storm will be taking it very easy for the next couple of weeks as he has a partially separated shoulder following his last match against Mexican America with Robert Roode. This could mean danger for his chances in the Bound for Glory Series. It'll be interesting to see how he's used in the coming weeks as the time grows nearer to BFG.

Meanwhile, I'm getting seriously prepared to be disappointed in how Samoa Joe is going to be handled. I am loving what he's been doing as I can remember some similar things during his runs with Styles and Daniels, but this is on a scale much larger and, if there's anything I know about gravity, when something is lifted high enough, it breaks when it finally lands. I don't want to see Joe's push as a destructive force ending without a real solid title run, littered with pieces of the victims he's gone through. His place in this Bound for Glory Series makes surviving the series that much more of an accomplishment. I do like that element to things.

I have been watching the Eric Young vs. Scott Baio videos TNA has been posting on YouTube. I'm having a bit of difficulty breathing right now between full blown pangs of roaring laughter. Really. I'm hurting right now. Santino and Kozlov had nothing on this. I won't lie though, I'm laughing in spite of myself. I hate having to admit when I'm wrong. It seems like Eric Young LOVES this kind of character...the one people laugh at and have difficulty taking seriously. Does it work? It does for me right now.

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