Tuesday, August 23, 2011


WWE is looking to revamp and reintroduce a Cruiserweight Division. It's about freakin' time! Ever since Vince buried the Cruiserweight belt under the reign of Hornswoggle, I was thinking there was no limit to the depths to which he could sink. Then he recast the Tag Team Titles....yuck! With Triple H as the acting overseer of the company's shows, I think this is a good move. HOWEVER, if they can't put something together that will take off with virtually no setup time, I'm betting it will fail. Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and a number of other talents would be counting on this to make a really name for themselves. You can bet they aren't candidates for the big belt anytime soon.

TNA's creative juices are flowing and, for the moment, it seems things are going good. I have been saying it for months now that Impact Wrestling needs another show. The roster is deep right now, but the spotlight is small. It may be time to put together a new show featuring a recap, but focusing in on storylines that have yet to be fully developed. Let's put more emphasis on the X Division and have them main event said show or have the Knockouts headline the show or even toss in a groundbreaking debut or return to set off the show. Advertise a long awaited return from a TNA veteran who has been making history in the sport for over a decade. That'd get me to tune in. One more thing.....DON'T DISAPPOINT THE FANS!!!

I say put the show on another night WWE doesn't already occupy. Let's say that's on Tuesday. Now, wrestling fans can have wrestling on every day save for Wednesday during the week. I think that's a pretty good gig, all things considered. Maybe create the buzz by announcing huge news....wait....we've already done that and have been very effective in letting people down with the results of that. I've got a better idea. Announce the return of Dixie Carter. Announce that powers above her head are pushing to put Hogan and Bischoff on the sidelines due to their inability to remain objective to the current Sting situation. Phase them off TV and put in a new General Manager. If it were me, I'd want someone who is recognizable but not time threatening the way that Hogan or Triple H are. Toss out some ideas....I've got nothing outside of trying to re-recruit Jim Cornette. I will say this...Heyman is suicide.

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