Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drops in a Bucket.....

The big news spots in TNA right now are the departure of Matt Hardy and the heat rising with Vince Russo and others behind the scene. Let's do a bit of analysis....

Matt Hardy was arrested in the last couple of days for driving while intoxicated. In the time that followed, TNA fired him out from under his suspension. He was put on suspension for being habitually late to tapings and not being prepared to work matches for said tapings. I feel the need to ask.....what kind of boss puts up with that sort of behavior? I don't think it a very long stretch to say that Dixie and company was right on the numbers. Even under suspension, there must be a code of conduct employees must abide by in order to be gainfully employed or if they hope to have an advancement opportunity come their way. Just because you were a star where you came from doesn't mean you don't have to earn your keep.

Vince Russo has ruffled some feathers. Hogan, Bischoff, and Jarrett normally don't see so completely eye to eye on things, at least not historically, but in this case, Vince is on thin ice. Before now, Dixie Carter has held him in high regard as they enjoyed some moderate success under his writing, but here's the fact, he's been burned out for years now and in order for forward progress to be made, distance needs to be put between TNA and Russo, for the greater good. WWE was given a small breath of fresh air when new writers suggested giving CM Punk 5 minutes of open mic time to criticize his employer on live television. New writers mean new ideas or a new spin on old ideas.

With the future of Matt Hardy still up in the air, it is only natural to wonder what Jeff is going to do with the information. Does he stand up and perform for the company giving him another opportunity to sell the house for him or does he fade into history? Were I in his shoes, I'd be giving everything a long hard look and see what manifests itself.

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