Saturday, August 6, 2011


Before I begin this column, I would like to apologize for how late this is for those of you who have come to expect them like clockwork. Unfortunately, my internet has been more temperamental as of late. Who knew something like that could throw everything into such chaos? BUT, now that I'm up and running, I say onto the news of the day....

Spring cleaning was postponed and came into it's own with a couple of surprising developments. First things first, however. I was troubled to hear that Amazing Red is no longer with TNA. It's a shame that he has come and gone as much as he has for as long as he's been a part of the company. I understand his position in all of this. When creative has nothing for you in the coming weeks, it can be a little bit daunting to try and keep yourself in shape and ready for when you're needed. The problem in all of that is that there simply isn't enough time in the 2 hour block to get EVERYBODY spotlighted. It sucks, but someone has to get cut. For the record, I still hold that there is bright at the end of this tunnel with another block of time to shine a spotlight on the rest of the roster.

Back to spring cleaning....your newest members of the WWE Future Endeavors Club....Chris Masters, Vladimir Kozlov, Gail Kim, David Hart Smith, and by my own prediction, Melina. I would never wish for people to be let go from either one of the top 2 federations in the land. It makes for a difficult adjustment for everyone involved in those releases. Most affected, I believe, are those who are released and the friends left behind. In this case, however, with little exception, the product will suffer...mark my words.

What this inevitably means, is that those releases are going to be looking for work and what better place for the first Knockouts Champion and the former cheerleader for MNM? Based on past releases, WWE has a 90 no compete clause in place to prevent any released talent from competing on TNA television, at least. BUT, WWE has allowed some Divas, who they feel may not make a difference in the shifting of power, to escape the 90 day period. One can hope this is the case this time. And what a mistake it would be!

I have one more thought to leave you all with. There is a story to be told with Samoa Joe. He has yet to garner any points in the Bound for Glory Series. Does that strike anyone odd?  Seems to me that being vocal is about to pay off. By my estimation, there is a plan afoot to put him right back where the fans want him...on the top tier.

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