Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exploring a New Schedule....

A couple of columns ago, I talked about removing a PPV each quarter. Upon further thought, it seems like a more reasonable thing to do, a more responsible thing to do in light of current buyrates and the way of the economic downturn. Let's dig a little deeper and see what shows up.....fair warning, this column might run a little long.

Let's begin by putting together a live special the week of December 29th. That will be the beginning of the schedule. The average episode of Impact has about 90 minutes of show with another 30 minutes of commercial filler. I would cut that down to either a mere 15 minutes of commercial interference or make it a commercial free 90 minute show. Something big HAS to happen to tease a debut or a reformation or something to make Genesis a MUST SEE event.

I say make Against All Odds one of the big four. I love the tournament concept. It works well for TNA as they did an AMAZING job with last year's event. This brings us to February, if I'm reading my calendar properly. SO, we have a large event in WWE's dead time. Good so far.

Cut out a PPV here and insert another live special. This time, put together a specialty division show featuring the Tag Team, X, or Knockouts Division. Maybe this event could feature a Knockout main event, which would be a good change and would showcase the Knockouts Division in full glory.

My pick is Slammiversary. I simply can't cut that out. It's a piece of TNA's heritage. It's also a good place to build up feuds to a dizzying height. That brings me to the feud killer.....

Lockdown. This HAS to be a top four PPV. The Lethal Lockdown Match has become a staple to the entire event. This is TNA's Survivor Series. This is the event that darkens the mood of the year. This puts us to May on the calendar.....still good.

Cut another PPV here and put together the Bound for Glory Series for the year.

Victory Road is my next pick on the list to remain in the lineup. For this, I want to see an X Division innovation match of some kind. Something brand new that could make this a special event.

This is where it all gets tricky. August is SummerSlam, historically. By putting the next mile marker here,we could run into problems, BUT if TNA plays the cards right to begin with, a true division of the audience will take place and people will break with tradition and choose the franchise PPV in TNA.....Bound for Glory. Yeah, I did it. So what?! I think TNA has it in them to rock SummerSlam's face off. Period.

Another PPV gone....more money saved. Building toward the next PPV I'm keeping in the lineup....

Turning Point....surprised? That's the reaction I was hoping for to put a really nice smile together when the build is getting bigger and better for the last big show in my schedule outline...

Destination X or Final Resolution, Take your pick. I know, I know....That falls in DIRECT opposition with another big WWE staple, Survivor Series. November is tough, though. Without that competition, it just doesn't seem worth it. I would throw everything I've got at this one too. By using as many members of the roster as they can, this HAS to be big.

How's THAT for thinking outside the box? Call the year a wrap, put a bow on it, leave it under the Christmas tree, and bring in the new year with some egg nog and junk food.

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