Saturday, August 27, 2011

Falling into Place....

Apparently,  Angelina Love and a certain 7 time Women's Champion from Canada have tossed out some fighting words on Twitter, teasing a confrontation at a pop culture fan event in Toronto this weekend. As both have plans on attending, my guess is there will be something to this event. This just goes to show there might be plans to put together some kind of agreement between the former champion and TNA.

Additionally, Chavo Guerrero has been asked in the wake of his release from WWE about the possibility of joining up with TNA as well. His response? He has one opponent on his list he still wants to wrestle...AJ Styles. My response? Cross the line.

I've got another idea for the PPV I'm going to book as BorderWars....make this a faction/ tag team based PPV with every match save for one or two being a tag team or faction match. Imagine a lineup something like this.....

AJ Styles/ Daniels vs. Beer Money
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Kid Kash/ Lance Hoyt
Ms. Tessmacher/TBA vs. Mickie James/Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Tag Titles
Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Crimson vs. Samoa Joe
Jesse Sorensen vs. Suicide vs. Xema Ion vs. Robbie E. vs. Kazarian for the X Title
BorderWars Main Event.....Team Canada vs. Team USA vs. The British Invasion vs. Mexican America

My goal in this PPV would be to load this down with as many members of the roster as I can to give each wrestler the best payday for their outing. Take a look at the card and tell me that wouldn't be money in the bank. (Yep, that was a WWE dig)

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