Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Guerrero Conspiracy....

In my next couple of columns, I would like to put out ideas for the debuts of WWE's latest members of the Future Endeavor's club. From the crop of male talents, I would want to add only a couple of talents; in fact, I would only pick 3....Chris Masters, Vladimir Kozlov, and the subject of today's column, Chavo Guerrero.

For this one, you need 3 things in order to make his debut possible and worth the prep to set it all up. First thing, Jeff Jarrett needs to be the front man for Mexican America. Second, phone calls or texts need to come up making interferences more difficult. Lastly, it has to be a PPV people will watch where the reveal is made.

Here's how I'd set this whole thing up....
Jeff Jarrett is the AAA World Heavyweight Title holder. He decides he wants to defend this belt against their top guy who has a stable behind him. Jeff won't care if they bring their posse 'cause he'll be bringing his own. He decides it has to be done on a TNA PPV. Let's just say it's Turning Point. In the weeks leading up to Turning Point, miscommunications arise between Mexican America and Jarrett and Jeff is upset by the losses he's been accumulating as a result. TNA puts Mexican America in Jarrett's corner. In the moments before the match, Hernandez gets a phone call and he tells the guy on the other end to wait until everything comes together before he comes out.

Fast forward to the match....there are chairs set out for each stable. Mexican America screws Jarrett out of the title and the opposing stable beats him down after the match.  Impact rolls around and it all begins with Jarrett coming out and demanding to know what happened. Mexican America comes out and they tell him they had their orders and he's out. Jarrett asks who could possibly give that order. Hernandez says they need a brother to lead the army over the borders. Which leads to Chavo's countdown. Bringing in Chavo to lead Mexican America brings me to a feud with another faction I will introduce in tomorrow's column.

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