Monday, August 15, 2011

Heat Exchange......

There are two feuds I want to cover in this column is an exchange of Twitter post between Crimson and Goldberg and the other has MUCH more history behind it....Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo.

Let's cover the one with the longest history. Rewind the clock back to Bash at the Beach 1999. Hogan was touted to face Jeff Jarrett for the WCW Title. Jarrett laid down and Vince fired Hogan on camera. It was chock full of emotion from every side as WCW was beginning to lose traction in the Monday Night Wars with WWF. That exchange would create some very real conflict during the remaining days of WCW.

Fast forward to today. Hogan and Russo have been tooth and nail behind the scenes at TNA creative meetings, with Hogan openly criticizing his story plans and saying that the reason he has difficulty writing stories now with more believable action is because he was never a wrestler. I, myself, will admit that running the race and writing about it are two very different things. I will say this, Hogan is still a rookie in terms of his longevity with TNA and that counts for something. If Russo were to be moved as was the plan in years past to a less active role in the creative team's direction, perhaps things would be different, but better? Who knows?

On the other side of the spectrum, Bill Goldberg has taken somewhat of a passing interest in Crimson. In the past week, he tweeted that he thought a spear was weak without a jackhammer. I have to ask, what about Edge? He did that sort of thing all the time! Apparently, anyone with an undefeated streak has something to prove. Crimson's response was pointed, saying he was taking bullets for the country while he was working Chris Jericho. Goldberg's response to that was "Who are you again?"

I would like to take a couple of minutes to analyze a match between Goldberg and Crimson.....Goldberg wins.

My last thought is about Summerslam as I'm sure people will want to know what I thought. Good showing, but they wasted their potential million dollar investment on a 20 dollar return. So Punk isn't champ....that's okay. Cena isn't champ....even better. HHH isn't news yet. Alberto Del Rio is champ? Really? I'm missing something. This feud was deflated from a month out. Come on, Punk....Cross the Line, we'll put that talent on display.

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