Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Save WWE....

Before I begin this column, I'd like to say thanks to everybody who comes in and reads the posts, the 10,000 hit milestone is a good feeling. As long as people read 'em, and pass 'em along, I'll keep 'em coming, fresh and new whenever possible. One more thought before I begin this....there are some in the great teeming masses who believe that WWE did the right thing by going PG. While, I am NOT in that number, I know where they were wanting to take it and it was a nice idea. Getting a younger generation in there to see some fresh and rising talents is a good thing, but there was a cost.....

Up until 2010, WWE had been catering to the remnant of the fanbase who watched The Rock and Stone Cold and Mick Foley and once those talents went the way of a unified roster, those fans started leaving wrestling to put their money elsewhere. Did The Rock and all the rest do the right thing in leaving the ring? I'd like to think so. Granted, they had plenty to offer the up and comers, but the money gets better in Hollywood, truth be told. Foley and Austin popped in here and there and, when Shawn Michaels came back to wrestling in 2002, it seemed, at least to me, that a new era was about to begin.

Let's fast forward a bit to the beginning of best estimation is 2005, when WWE began releasing talents in droves. When the Tag Team Division and Cruiserweight Divisions fell, many talents were suddenly left without a trade to ply. I bring all this history to the table to give an idea where things went wrong so that the same mistakes won't be made in the restoring of things to their former glory.

When WWE decided to go PG with their product, Attitude Era fans, like myself, and those who'd been around for the roster split, who'd been used to WWE pushing the envelope and having some pretty compelling storylines, were introduced to a great deal of very shallow thinking. A PG product truly begs a lot of surface-level thinking and not much in the way of a top tier outside of the same 'ol.

My solution? I suggest a few things right off the bat....
- Pull EVERY Diva without a wrestling background from television for 6 months, sending them through rigorous in ring training.

- Break the glass ceiling and give some younger guys like Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, and Daniel Bryan some room to break away from the censors and get over like the days of old. Be patient with some of the up and comers and DO NOT FIRE PEOPLE WHEN THEY DON'T GET OVER RIGHT AWAY!!!!

- Triple H may be wanting to rebuild the Tag Team and Cruiserweight Divisions, but it MUST be done in a way that requires NO startup time. They need the divisions NOW.

Lastly, and this MUST be done in order to bring back the shine and gloss of the WWE I knew and loved....LEAVE BEHIND THE PG RATING!!!! This will enable the writers to explore deeper and write with more cohesive vision. Tell us a story without worrying how the censors will take it and stop trying to pass off simulated violence as something all parents would condone. Dumbing down the product is an insult to the fans who really care if WWE fails or not.


  1. I stopped watching WWE when they killed the merger of WCW. It was a great concept on paper, but it just didn't work out. How can they mess up guys like Goldberg and Booker T? Goldberg especially was top 5 wrestler in both organizations combined. They didn't use him well enough and when he left it went downhill. I like the idea of bringing in new faces, but the problem is their characters are plain and boring. Stone Cold, Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H all brought a unique character to the show. WWE is now missing that and that's why I now only watch TNA, which has way better characters.

    Just wanted to say, love the column and keep posting!!!!

  2. Thanks, pass it along and I'll keep it worries.