Monday, August 22, 2011

The Life Blood.....

In the past couple of months, I've been watching Chris Masters. He's got talent. He has potential on the mic. He seems to be a very much underutilized, underappreciated talent with worlds of that good old fashioned 'it' least he could be. In WWE, he was held back by a Lex Luger-esque dead end persona that focused in on his physique. Even though Scott Steiner has done it for years, he was made many years before that element of his character manifested itself. Masters has yet to be given a running mate to cut his teeth as a true blue asset.

If I were to put him in league with anyone on the entire roster to help build them both into a super power, it would be Matt Morgan. His mic skills are light years ahead since his last stint with WWE as the stuttering idiot bodyguard for Paul Heyman. I, personally loved him referring to himself in the third person. He would have a physical equal in Masters as well as perhaps a chemistry as a tag tandem to rival even America's Most Wanted as TNA's greatest homegrown tag team ever.

As for how to build the team. I'd put together a tournament for the tag team titles and have him put into the tournament without his permission. He gets upset and decides he's not going to participate because he doesn't even have a partner. Let it build a bit by having notes left in his locker room after matches saying that some one's looking forward to putting together the most dominant tag force in wrestling. He has no clue and, with the tournament bracket now focusing in on him, he goes to the ring to face whoever has been sending the notes as a partner.

When Masters finally comes out from the curtain, the smile of revelation would immediately set up his satisfaction. I would want this tandem to work with Master training with Angle to make him into a chain performer, tactically gifted with the punctuation of the power and intensity Morgan brings as a brawler big man. Giving Masters a deadly submission maneuver would simply set off exactly how they need to be perceived, as a precision instrument of finesse and force.

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