Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nation of Violence......

Let's build Joe to the top and give him the army he was supposed to have. First things first, the taking out of competition angle they're using would be perfect for this formula. Management calls Joe into the office stating that he'll be suspended if he continues his tirade. Joe makes the promise that he'll stop. One by one the performers continue to get beaten down and each time, the victim blames the Nation of Violence. Joe gets pulled back to the office again and is told that he was the Nation of Violence. Joe insists that it isn't him. It all comes down to PPV. The build hypes up "Who IS a part of the Nation of Violence?"

We'll put this one at Lockdown. Joe says that he will lead whoever is a part of the Nation of Violence into the Lethal Lockdown Match, but no one will know who's in it until that day. 4 members emerge from behind the curtain. Joe, Daniels, Kazarian, and Vladimir Kozlov.

Kozlov emerges from the curtain in black, very much like the rest of the group. I'm thinking long trunks and black glasses, but I could be swayed on his ring attire. At any rate, he would HAVE to debut with a profoundly devastating finisher lest his push would go away without him ever realizing whatever potential there might have been without a Nation of Violence as a backer.

My money is on a feud between this stable and Mexican America very much circa LAX vs. AJ/Daniels or LAX vs. 3D from a few years back. A larger number in the fold means a good rivalry with some longevity. I'd set it in motion with a 6 month long feud, culminating at Bound for Glory or Turning Point for the finish.

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