Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Profile.....Matt Hardy

In the past month, Matt Hardy has become the subject of virtually all the news....none of it is good, however. He was pulled over and arrested for DWI and subsequently fired by TNA for doing all of this while under contract AND suspended. In the most recent story concerning Hardy, police were sent to his home after over 30 phone call were made concerning his safety after posting an ominous sounding YouTube message.

Note: This the one and only piece I have ANY intention of doing on Matt Hardy until such time as he can get some kind of control of himself. Responsibility and integrity go hand in hand here. You cannot treat life like a wrestling storyline, sending messages that give an impression there are plans of suicide on the docket....particularly when you have a following.

I really have no idea what might prompt such erratic behavior save for a break from the confines of reality altogether. Since the Lita/Edge/Hardy storyline from March through September of 2005, there was something different about Matt Hardy. While I understand that heartbreak and betrayal can do things to a person lasting years after, this seems to have echoed long into life and career since.

My heart goes out to Matt Hardy and I do hope he finds whatever it is he is seeking, but notoriety has a price and the cost is high, one way or another.

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