Friday, August 12, 2011

Pulling Down Points....

Just for the record, the points standings are showing what everyone has been undefeated record yields more points than anyone else.

Robert Roode...35
James Storm.....33
Bully Ray.......28
AJ Styles.......21
Scott Steiner....14
Samoa Joe......-10

Yep, you read that right....Joe has a whopping NEGATIVE 10! While skeptics would say this has much to do with the new regime's lack of interest in what Joe has to offer, I happen to be MUCH more optimistic about the current status of the Samoan Submission Machine.

The great thing about this standings list? You can actually see that TNA wants to make this exciting for the fans. It's almost like the NCAA guys who fill out the brackets every March to try and win the office pool. I happen to think this is genius planning for a summer where it can be difficult to come up with a story that will last until the highlight PPV of the year. I think it gives a broad perspective and some insight into who TNA wants to throw their influence behind from week to week, responding to how the crowds cheer and what's being written in the various blogs (HELLO!) and research groups they subscribe to.

As for me, I would LOVE to see Joe headlining BFG this year, but I wouldn't be entirely disappointed if Angle rules the roost with even a returning Jeff Hardy to pull off a swerve for the big belt at the biggest event of the summer.....SUMMERFEST!!!! (I HAD to say it.....darn you, Jeremy Piven. At least read the script once!) Bound for Glory is going to be a hot ticket and it's nice to know TNA is trying to centralize this thing by having a couple of the big shows in the middle of the country or at least closer to than Florida.

While Jeff Hardy and Joe would be nice, Crimson could surprise every critic and put on a true wrestling clinic with the single best delivering worker in TNA today. Angle is the most suited veteran to create the 'next big thing' in professional wrestling. With the air being let out of the CM Punk sails, SOMEBODY has to be the victor here.

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