Friday, August 26, 2011


Immortal, D-X, nWo, Team Canada, the Main Event Mafia....all pretty good stables, but there is a formula to get everything in a stable a person could possibly want. A tag team, a lightweight, a heavyweight, a woman, and maybe a mouthpiece. Degeneration X had everything on the list in their second reformation and that's one thing WWE had over WCW. WCW wasn't in the business of creating woman wrestlers. Right now, TNA has almost the perfect stable in Mexican America. The one piece missing is Chavo (see The Guererro Conspiracy). 

I would love to see a faction war. I don't mean one side vs. another...I mean a real faction war, where there's more than two sides. I would divide the roster into the four faction World Cup I suggested putting together two columns ago. My list of combatants goes a little something like this.....

Team Canada.....Petey Williams, A-1, Jack Evans, Angelina Love, and Trish Stratus

Team USA....Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Velvet Sky, and Tara

Mexican America would stay as is with Rosita, Sarita, Hernandez, Anarquia, and Chavo

The British Invasion would have to be Magnus, Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Winter, I'd toss in a couple of sympathizers like Melina and maybe Jesse Sorensen.

Give these guys a big match, I'm thinking a Rumble sized match, where 4 people enter the ring, one from each corner after a few minutes each. Put two rings side by side and give them some space to work this match and, for Heaven's sake, make this the main event. I would drop an entire paycheck to see something like this put together.  Mr. Bischoff, I just want 20 minutes of your time, hit me up.  

Call this thing something BorderWars. This wouldn't be an every year kinda thing, but you could do it, if you wanted. It'd be like WWE would do with Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, but this is bigger and better than the Rumble and Lethal Lockdown is better than Survivor Series. Raise the bar, guys. Put something on the line worth fighting for.....maybe the Xplosion Title (Where the holder can challenge any champion at any time for their title and, if they win, the Xplosion Title would become vacant. That's my plan....solid.

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